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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Updates on summer and projects and whatnot

Summer has hit and we've been pretty busy. I haven't had a lot of warm days to do projects. It's hard to spray paint and have things dry when it's raining and moist out. I have gotten somewhere though. I sorted through the frames I was given (thanks Jody!) and cleaned them all and I've decided on a color palate ~ black and gold.  I have several gold frames all ready to go, they'll just need to be hot-glued to the ribbon and then hung on the rod. I have primer and black spray paint, so I'm waiting for a dry day.
Walter's project is taking forever, largely because I don't want him to be all nosey about it, which he will be. Finding a moment alone is harder than I thought, not that I'm complaining, I'm totally not. I suspect this weekend will be the big project weekend for me. I'm going to stay up all night Sat. and take photos and write my sweet nothings on Walter's gift, this way I'm getting 2 projects out of the way. The photo project came about because it just seemed like an interesting idea...post of photo of Miracle once an hour every hour for 24 hours, partially because I'm interested to see where he is every hour and partially because I want to prove he really is my shadow. The cat is always near me. So, since Sunday is my b-day I'm going to stay up and take photos and write. My treats to myself. I expect I will be tweeting and posting to FB hourly updates. Be prepared to be inundated with weird cat photos.
As for the windchime I'm making,  well, I need to get myself over to a hobby store to pick up the chain and wire needed (I'm also thinking glitter would kinda rock too...we'll see) and the frame for the chime too. I did pick up oodles of tiny keys and glass doohickeys that will look sparkly in the sun. I'm hoping to pick up some gears and a crystal or two for it also before I consider it assembled. I'm hoping next week to hit Lowe's and get some flowers for our front yard, and while I'm out I will see if I can hit the craft store.
I haven't completely dropped of the face of the planet, I've just been a little busy. Last weekend rocked, went with a gaggle of good friends to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. It was splendid Adults Only fun. We purchased our first, likely not our last, piece of art. It's got me wanting more art. I may have to send my cousin's wonderous wife some dinero soon, so I can get my art fix.
That's it for now. Thanks for reading...

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