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Saturday, September 3, 2011

10 Albums that changed my life and why...

Not listed in any particular order....
Ok, I had to add a whole band, because they've been in my music scene since I first heard them, and they'll never leave and there isn't just one album that influence me - Depeche Mode. I adore their music and have a crush on Martin Gore and love the music.

Close to the Bone - Thompson Twins. I really always like them, when I was living in Tucson in the 80s they'd come out with their biggest hits, but it wasn't until I was in high school and had gone through some rough times with some very close friends that I had obtained the album (thank you again Bookman's!) and it had really moved me. Long Goodbye & Follow Your Heart and Perfect Day were some favs off this album.

Disintegration - The Cure. It came out my freshman year of high school, I'd lost some dear friends that year to moves and re-locations so this was pivotal album because of when it arrived in my life. Admittedly though, it was the first Cure album I really "got". I listened to it repeatedly for about a month and then it hit me, and I've been a fan since. This album is treasured among my music. I love this song..and Pictures of You will always remind me of Cecelia and my freshman year of high school.

The Sound of a Woman - johnette Napolitano (unreleased). A friend of mine had a copy and mailed me the tape after he'd found out my apartment had burned down. I got it the week after, it gave me strength I didn't know I had. I've met Johnette twice - once in Phoenix where she was phenomenal and wonderous and once in Seattle where she was distracted at best. I may not know her, but I love her voice and her songs touch my soul in a way so much music never does.

joy Division - Permanent. My friend Nathaniel who I adored, in college gave me this. It rocked my world and helped me through a rough breakup and some very formative early college years. I changed a lot during those years and this album was just a great gift.
Love will tear us apart and Atmosphere are my favorites off of this album.

Tori Amos - Boys for Pele. Came out before my parents' divorce. All of Tori's work is soul wrenching, to say the least. I can now only listen to this album once in a lonely blue moon. But the album as a whole came into my life and led me to believe I wasn't the only one who know what separation felt like. Hey Jupiter and Putting the Damage On moved me and made me realize sometimes Tori's work is just so personal, so intimate.

Men at Work - Cargo. Came out when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade. I loved them then, I still love them and get much comfort from these Aussies. I don't know why, I just love them. Overkill is a favorite, and I really love Lazlo Bane's cover of Overkill.

The Smiths - Strangeways here we come. Practically my theme music from high school through college.
I was already on my way to Snarky gaydom.

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine. This tapped into my long ignored well of anger and rage. I didn't have a clue how to until I met this album. I still love this album and think it's his best work by far. Ringfinger and Sin were my favorites off of this.

Interpol - Turn on the Bright lights. My proof to all of my friends that I am NOT trapped in the 80s.
Soundtrack to my days downtown working in the city. dark and beautiful - much like Seattle in February. I always thought Obstacle 1 was a great song and I also really loved hearing Roland live.

The Clash - The Clash on Broadway. Walter introduced me to them mainly through this album. My first look at political music and punk. Both of which I still love. It changed me then and moves me still. This version of Straight to hell is still my favorite.

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