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Monday, August 22, 2011

Mixed Tape Catalogue: "A Symphony of Music part 1" by Craig

I believe this was given to me in like 1992 from Craig, who has his own music blog, but has thankfully been a musical mentor of mine for years and years now, I am grateful for it.

Standing in the shower thinking - Jane's Addiction
La La La - Erasure
High - The Cure
Repetition - Information Society
She's Sad, she said - The Judybats
Carpe Diem - Bigod 20
So Cruel - U2
I Go Crazy - Flesh for Lulu
Rescue Me - Madonna
Something in the way - Nirvana
Happy - The Lightning Seeds
The Perfect Murder - The Glove
Wish Me Luck - Ofra Haza
Happy Birthday - Concrete Blonde
Witch in a ditch - Erasure
This House - Alison Moyet
Move any mountain - The Shaman
Live to tell - Madonna
Blowing Bubbles - The lightning Seeds

I've been thinking about this tape for a few days, I have some pretty distinct memories of this tape. I remember playing this at Amanda's birthday party at Harley's house, before everyone went to the cemetery in Oracle. What a night!

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